Regional unemployment dynamics in Indonesia: Serial persistence, spatial dependence, and common factors

We analyze the space-time dynamics of Indonesia’s provincial unemployment by simultaneously accounting for their serial persistence, spatial dependence, and common factors.

Regional Okun’s law and endogeneity: evidence from the Indonesian districts

This paper investigates the regional Okun’s law across 514 districts of Indonesia over the 2011–2020 period. To handle the endogeneity issue, we apply a two-stage least squares (2SLS) model and use regional temperature as instrument for economic …

Convergence clubs and spatial structural change in the European Union

Our results highlight the joint importance of structural change and spatial dependence in the formation of convergence clubs. Specifically, the notion of spatial structural change deserves further attention, as it appears to play a major role in the evolution of regional disparities in the European Union.

Measuring and understanding regional inequality through the lens of the Indonesian experience

This article reviews the book by Akita and Kataoka (Regional inequality and development: Measurement and applications in Indonesia, 2022)

Regional income convergence and conditioning factors in Turkey: Revisiting the role of spatial dependence and neighbor effects

Spatial dependence across provinces plays an important role in the formation of convergence clubs. The performance of geographical neighbors affects the probability of club membership through spillovers in capital accumulation and structural change.

Schooling ain’t learning in Europe: A club convergence perspective

Divergence in learning outcomes is increasing over time. Institutional and learning spillovers are decisive for whether an EU Member State is on a high or low human capital trajectory.

Social and economic convergence across districts in Indonesia: A spatial econometric approach

This paper evaluates social and economic convergence across 514 districts in Indonesia over the 2010-2018 period.

Regional convergence and spatial dependence in Thailand: Global and local assessments

This article studies the evolution of per-capita income disparities and spatial dependence across 77 provinces of Thailand over the period 1995–2017.

Economic and social disparities across subnational regions of South America: A spatial convergence approach

This paper studies the evolution of economic and social disparities across subnational regions in South America using simple spatial convergence models.

Sectoral productivity convergence, input-output structure, and network communities in Japan

We study sectoral productivity convergence in Japan through the input-output structure of the economy and its network representation.